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My bar prep experience has to be the furthest thing from what i ever envisioned.

Lawyer salary uk reddit. However biglaw starting salary for someone fresh out of law school was 180k the last time i heard. Less than 57 430 27 61 hour. So back to the stats according to us news the median salary for a lawyer of all types and levels of experience is 118 160 with a 25th percentile of 77 580 and a 75th percentile of 176 580.

Please consult the rules before posting or commenting. Many lawyers in this field choose to specialize becoming experts in one area or another. 119 250 57 33 hour top 10 median salary.

Lawyers compensation varies greatly depending on practice setting geographic location and the demand for a certain specialty. Ask questions seek advice post outlines etc. The average work day of a public defender or criminal lawyer would be much different than specializing in contract law.

Law outside becoming a lawyer gives you an excellent education in persuasive argument. For current and former law school redditors. This is not a forum for legal advice.

20k is fine for now as i ve only recently graduated but i feel like i d be selling myself a bit short if i stayed on that wage for too long i got a good degree from one of the uk s top unis and feel like i m a quick learner with a good work ethic. R law is moderated more heavily than most other subs on reddit. Family law attorneys may be involved with custody arrangements adoption prenuptial agreements and divorce.

This post is primarily just so i can vent. Another thing to think about is the type of law you are thinking of practicing. Family law is a broad field.

The problem is i want a career with progression so i can eventually end up on a decent wage. This is a place for lawyers and non lawyers to discuss the legal profession and new and interesting legal developments from around the world. My girlfriend of two years decided she wanted to go on break right as i graduated law school this summer and as i started bar prep.

Please follow the rules. This can be very valuable in many different careers. For those that aren t familiar with the bimodal salary distribution curve below is the latest chart from national association for law placement showing the starting salaries from the class of 2018.

This is a lot money particularly when you consider that it takes an average of around 10 or 11 years post qualification to make partner at a top law firm in london.

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